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Sales directions of IC «Indigo»:

Retail business (packages for individuals):

  • Vehicle insurance (surface, water, air);
  • Property risks insurance;
  • Third party liability insurance (property owner’s liability insurance, voluntary general third party liability insurance);
  • Personal insurance (accident insurance, voluntary medical insurance, health insurance).

Corporate business (excusive programs for legal entities):

  • Cargo and containers insurance;
  • Property risks insurance;
  • Technical risks insurance (construction risks);
  • Liability insurance (product liability, professional liability, forwarder’s carrier’s liability, storage operator’s liability, terminal operator’s liability; obligatory insurance: general third party liability insurance, liability insurance of subject of transportation in case of occurrence negative consequences during hazardous cargo transportation;
  • Vehicle insurance (surface, railway, water, air); in case of fleet insurance discounts are granted;
  • Financial risks insurance;
  • Personal insurance (obligatory accident insurance, voluntary medical insurance, health insurance)

Complex insurance programs (for individuals and legal entities):

  • Insurance of three voluntary types: casco + voluntary traffic accident insurance + voluntary general third party liability insurance.

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